Our Mission

Our purpose here at Hip is simple and honest  - we want change and we believe it’s possible. Each year $80 billions worth of single use plastics are thrown away with 95% of plastic packing being used just once. And the worst part? Right now if we continue on this trajectory, by 2025 plastic will out-weigh fish in the ocean. The good part? We can start to make a change now by giving waste a second chance at life. We want to change the perception that waste has no purpose by giving it a new purpose.

To achieve this, we aim to create beautifully designed, innovative and highly functional lifestyle products with recycled ocean plastic materials. By giving plastic a second chance we’re: 

  • Reducing the production of new fossil fuels to make new plastic 
  • Reducing CO2 emissions 
  • Reducing energy usage 

It is our vision to continue to give communities access to more environmentally responsible products. Through this we aim to provide people with small and simple daily choices. Small choices that are not just for today, but for tomorrow.
And small choices that collectively can make an even bigger positive impact for our planet.