It's Hip to Give. It all begins with you, every product you purchase helps a person in need.

By purchasing Hip, you’re joining our effort to make drinking water accessible and permanent for every household in each of the districts our partner Water for People does work. Our partnership comes from a common goal, to activate, engage and excite a social consciousness - and most importantly - bring safe water to those less fortunate. Through the development of community drinking water systems, household sanitation, water resources management, hygiene education and integrated programming for clinics and schools, Water For People strives to build the capacity of local governments and communities to manage and advocate for improved water and sanitation services.

We’re inspired by giving as much as we’re inspired by Water for People’s approach. We hope you will be as well.

Join Hip and make the message heard, that safe water can and should be available to all. *Each Hip water bottle purchased, provides 2 days of safe drinking water. That’s 4 litres /1 gallon of clean water.

Water by the Numbers

5 miles a day are walked by girls and women collecting fresh water daily, time that could be spent at work or school.

780 million people do not have access to improved water sources.

More than 800 children die due to preventable water and sanitation related diarrhea diseases each day.

2.64 Billion people around the world do not have access to adequate sanitation.